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Baler Products

PEL balers reduce the volume of waste cardboard and plastics by 5:1 or 80% by converting the waste into compact bales weighing between 55lbs and 1100lbs depending on the waste being baled.

Glass Bottle Crushers

PEL offers a complete range of bottle crushers including volume fed ‘Jaws’ and under counter “Baby Jaws” products. The crushed glass or cullet is an important raw material in the manufacturing of glass bottles.

Bin Compactors

PEL bin compactors reduce waste volume from 3 bins into 1 bin and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.

Installation Locations

Balers @ East Fourth Neighborhood



Baler @ Flats East Bank 

Baler Install

Mega Jaws @ Progressive Field 


Mega Jaws @ First Energy Stadium 

Baler @ Flats East Bank