Under The Counter Bottle Crusher BB01

Allows staff to reduce bottle volume directly at the bar. Ideal for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Volume Fed Bottle Crusher BB03

Suitable for high volume bottle disposal in areas where height is restricted. Ideal for restaurants, bars and hotels.

Volume Fed Bottle Crusher BB04

Suitable for high volume bottle disposal. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use in restaurants, bars and hotels.


Product Comparison

Our bottle crushers feature a simple maintenance program, a full indicator, mobile ability and emergency stop.


  • Reduce glass disposal costs
  • Reduce bottle volume by a 5:1 ratio
  • Allow staff to focus on customer service
  • Free up space used to store empty bottles
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Reduce workload for staff, no more sorting bottles
  • Offer a low noise energy-efficient operation
  • Are CE certified
  • Are durable, safe and easy to use


Reducing Glass Waste

Glass is a unique material because it can be endlessly recycled without losing its value. PEL bottle crushers take advantage of this characteristic and make recycling glass easier and more efficient for your business. All of our CE certified machines reduce bottle volume 5:1 by crushing glass directly into a convenient tote box. The resultant glass can be reprocessed back into bottles.

PEL bottle crushers are a necessity in bars, restaurants or hotels looking to make waste handling more convenient and accessible, while freeing up space normally used to store empty bottles. In addition, investing in a PEL bottle crusher benefits the earth by reducing one’s carbon footprint.


Glass Calculator

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